Best Emergency light -Emergency light in India-2021

Best Emergency light: Emergency Lights are common home appliance for all the home and office. Also LED revolution makes emergency lights are cheap and more reliable. In this Post we analyzed top and best emergency lights in India..

A need for the hour when there is a power failure is nothing, but the lamp with battery backup. The name “Emergency light” is being used for its use during a power failure as an emergency alternate for providing light.

If you examine the market, several variations of emergency lights are available.

Older days, we used to have CFL base emergency lights. But, CFL lights-based emergency lights now upgraded into LED-based lighting systems for safer, affordable, and efficient power management.

Also, Emergency lamps are available in several designs, including rechargeable lamps or lantern, rechargeable torch lights, solar rechargeable emergency lights, inverter bulbs, etc.

Below listed are some of the best emergency light for your household based on their cost and efficiency. These rechargeable emergency light would solve your problem of blackouts and would help you to resume your essential work in any situation. So Check our list and Buy the Best one for your home. Let’s See…

1. Best Emergency light- Eveready HL-52 Portable Rechargeable Lantern

Best Emergency light- Eveready HL-52 Portable Rechargeable Lantern

Eveready is focused on making the lives of people better and brighter. All our products are created with this in mind. One such innovative product offering is our line of rechargeable torches. Rechargeable torches are becoming more and more popular these days in terms of energy and cost efficiency.

Eveready provides rechargeable torches that are true value-for-money and are meant for urban and semi-urban households. Useful features of Eveready Rechargeable Torches: Built in charger and plug, Power on-off LED indicator, More than 20000 switch life cycle, Super bright white LED.

This Eveready HL Lantern comes with sturdy plastic body with compact handle for easy carrying. You get two in one benefit with this lantern. Sturdy torch and emergency light operation. Another great feature is, it has 360 degree flexible head.

About This Item:–

  • 360 Degree flexible head
  • Emergency lantern cum study light
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable lantern
  • Long battery life
  • 15 Hrs. Of nonstop light
  • Super bright light:30+9 led’s of 2500 mcd each
  • Deep discharge and over charge protection
  • Number of LEDs: 39
  • Warranty: 6 months on product


  • 360 degree flexible head
  • Multi directional operation
  • Charging indicator
  • Automatic ON
  • Torch operation
  • Awesome brightness


  • No brightness adjustment
  • Cord cable is too short
  • No battery level indicator

Technical Details

Part Number‎HL52_RED
Weight‎1480 Grams
Included Components‎Batteries Included
Power and Plug Description‎Battery
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎No

2. Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern 

Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern

Philips LED generation guarantees protected and lengthy-lasting mild supply. 360 stage shiny mild and plated reflector make certain greater illumination space. At hand dimension and development lets in mobility at house

About This Item:–

  • Lamp Type: 32 x LED’s
  • Lumens: 250Lm
  • Philips LED technology ensures safe and long-lasting light source
  • 360 degree bright light and plated reflector ensure larger illumination area
  • Handy size and construction allows mobility at home
  • Warranty: 6 Months on product
  • Compact design with cable and plug included
  • Push button to turn on/off
  • Charging Time: 9 Hrs ; Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh ; Power Consumption: 2.3 W ; Power Requirements: 220-240,50Hz

Key Features:-

  • 32 LED Lights
    This rechargeable LED lantern from PHILIPS comes with 32 LED lights to give high luminosity of 250 Lm.
  • Top Holder
    This product comes with a holder to hold the lamp from the top, in order to provide light and give better visibility.
  • On and Off Button
    The LED lamp comes with an on and off button. It helps you to switch the light on and off when desired and needed.
  • Charge Indicator
    This LED product from PHILIPS comes with a small light that is the charger indicator to indicate if the product is being charged or if it is deprived of charge and needs charging.
  • Silvery Metal Plates
    There are silver metal plates between the LED lights spacing to increase the brightness and luminosity of the lamp. This reflects the light emerging from the LED’s to enhance the illumination outwards.
  • 360-Degree Light Output
    The 32 LED lights are spread out across 360 degrees of the lamp interior. This causes the lamp to produce light in all directions.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Signify Innovations India Ltd. (Earlier Philips Lighting), SIGNIFY INNOVATIONS INDIA LIMITED, Block B, 6th Floor, Signify Innovations India Limited, c/o Mangalam Business Center, 22, Camac St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016; Phone: 0124 663 5544
Part Number‎91126
Height‎10 Centimeters
Length‎10 Centimeters
Width‎10 Centimeters
Weight‎500 Grams
Colour‎Dark Blue
Included Components‎1 Emergency REL
Voltage‎240 Volts
Power and Plug Description‎Electric
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Type of Bulb‎LED
Wattage‎4 Watts
Manufacturer‎Signify Innovations India Ltd. (Earlier Philips Lighting)
Country of Origin‎India

3. Bajaj Plastic Emergency Light, Red

Bajaj Plastic Emergency Light,

Bajaj ELX 36 is one of the powerful emergency lights on this list. Bajaj ELX 36 comes with 36 super-bright LEDs and bright chrome plated reflector for best light output. It has an incredibly beautiful and compact design for a better experience. A 4500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery supports the power backup. Also, a charging indicator is provided.

Maintenance-less rechargeable battery for long life bright chrome plated reflector energy saving led with SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) charging indicator double sided illumination facility cord storage facility at base overcharging protection over discharging protection super clean surface finish.

About this item

  • 6v, 4500 MAh rechargeable battery.
  • 50,000 Hrs of led life.
  • Size: 80x300x160mm.
  • Battery operating time: 12 hours.
  • Rechargeable maintenance-less battery.
  • 36 LEDs distributed on two panels on both sides of this emergency light. Each panel has 18 LEDs,
  • Double-sided illumination
  • Single-button operation
  • Portable and beautiful design

Technical Details

Package Dimensions‎32 x 19 x 10.3 cm; 1.55 Kilograms
Shipping Weight‎1.55 Kilograms
Primary material‎Plastic
Country of Origin‎China
Imported By‎Bajaj Electricals Limited, 45/47, V N Road, Mumbai

4. Syska Sparkle Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern 12W

Syska Sparkle Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern 12W

The Syska emergency lantern comes with a high quality 3000mah rechargeable lithium battery, built with easy carrying handle and has a feature of adjusting light.

About This Item:–

  • 1 N
  • 12 W
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • No. Of led : 57pcs 0.5w high bright led
  • Working time:- two side bright light : 1.5 h, two sides dim light : 5 h, middle row light : 1.5 h, middle row dim light : 5 h
  • Built in 3.7v lithium battery 3000 mah
  • Light dimming functions
  • Recharging time 8-12 hours
  • Body material made of abs
  • Charging indicator/travel friendly

Technical Details

Part Number‎SSK-EML-1230L
Number of Items‎1
Included Components‎1 N
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Type of Bulb‎Led
Wattage‎12 Watts
Country of Origin‎India

5. Pigeon by Stove Kraft Egnyte Emergency Lamp with 1600 mAh Rechargeable Lantern

 Pigeon by Stove Kraft Egnyte Emergency Lamp with 1600 mAh Rechargeable Lantern

Pigeon Egnyte Emergency lamp is one of most durable and trusted lamp in Pigeon emergency Lamp category. Egnyte lamp comes with powerful 1600 mAH battery with back up of more than 50 hours. Durable ABS plastic body of Pigeon Egnyte Lamp is shock proof and safe for children. This versatile lamp can be your best partner when you are out with your family and friends for outing and also will be very useful at time of regular power-cuts.

About This Item:–

  • Best Quality- High battery power, 24 pcs LED and durable body makes pigeon Egnyte lamp most favorite lamp among category.
  • Superior battery- Long lasting 1600 mAH lead acid maintenance free battery.
  • Best in category output- Up to 50 hours of back up once fully charged, Egnite lamp is one of top performing lamp in in category
  • AC DC sockets for easy charging- Convenient AC and DC sockets for for multiple charging options.
  • Overcharge protection- Increase your battery life with overcharge protection.
  • Adjustable Battery Knob- The adjustable brightness knob ensures the exact amount of light what you require. It also helps in saving battery for later usage and increase output time

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Stovekraft ltd, 180042566666
Part Number‎12333
Height‎25 Centimeters
Length‎16.5 Centimeters
Width‎7.3 Centimeters
Weight‎101 Grams
Number of Items‎1
Material‎ABS Plastic Body
Included Components‎1 Lamp
Special Features‎AC DC SOCKETS FOR EASY CHARGING : Convinent AC and DC sockets for for multiple charging options., LONG LASTING BATTERY: Super Powerful 1600 mAH battery for longer output. Now wnjoy operating of 50 HOURS when used on low power., ADJUSTABLE LED KNOB:The adjustable brightness knob ensures the exact amount of light what you require. It also heps in saving battery for later usage and increase output time, OVERDISCHARGE : when the battery is charged over the limited level, the light will be off automatically to protect the battery life.
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Manufacturer‎Stovekraft ltd
Country of Origin‎India

6. iBELL 8432 Rechargeable Emergency Light Specially Made for Home Use with LED Tube & LED Panel/USB Mobile Charger Jack/Solar Power Input Jack, Red & White

iBELL 8432 Rechargeable Emergency Light

This Emergency light has overcharge & deep discharge protection so it saves battery from getting overcharged & deep discharge which increases the life of the battery. Also protects from battery failure. Illuminate your space well in the emergency hours when power cuts off with the help of rechargeable emergency light with LED panel and solar charging jacks. Recharge your emergency light with solar energy and enjoy the service. This lamp supports USB charging as well.

About this item

  • Powerful yet comfortable light to your eyes..
  • 6 Months Standard Warranty + 6 Months Additional Warranty on Free Registration.
  • Superior quality Rechargeable battery with over charge protection. Highly Powerful LED CFL lamps with long light reach..
  • Charge this product for 10 hours before it’s first use.
  • Durable and Powerful Battery that Powers the Lamp for almost 6 Hours in one full charge..

Technical Details

Package Dimensions‎35.05 x 18.8 x 11.43 cm; 1.41 Kilograms
Shipping Weight‎1.41 Kilograms
Item Model Number‎IBL EL8432TL
Primary material‎Plastic
Capacity‎LED Tube & LED
Country of Origin‎India

7. Sonashi Rechargeable Emergency LED Light/Solar Lantern/Camping Light

Sonashi Rechargeable Emergency LED Light

This Emergency Light comes with a holder to hold the lamp from the top, in order to provide light and give better visibility. This product comes with a holder to hold the lamp from the top, in order to provide light and give better visibility. The LED Solar Camping Lantern lasts more than (Full sun charge in 4-6 hours). Includes smart chip, offering protection from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting.

About this item

  • Warranty: 1 Year Service Warranty Please Contact Our Toll Free : 18004251187
  • SOLAR PANEL 4.: Use the power of the sun. The LED Solar Camping Lantern lasts more than (Full sun charge in 4-6 hours). Includes smart chip, offering protection from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting.
  • Multi Functional Light for Home and Outdoor: Every home needs such a best lantern. PERFECT GIFTS for MEN, FAMILY and FRIENDS, the solar led lantern is a multi-purpose essential whether as a work light, book light, reading light, or used as emergency kit
  • Compact, Lightweight and Collapsible Portable: Applied with collapsible design. you could carry to anywhere you need a bright place, transporting super convenient. Low powered super bright 360 Degree LED camping lamp, light up to 4 hours
  • High-quality Products: Each of our premium lanterns are hand , ABS plastic – making them extra durable wherever you may be. The lantern is built for both the indoors & outdoors.

Technical Details

Number of Items‎1
Included Components‎Light kit included, Charging Cable
Power and Plug Description‎Battery Powered & Solar
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Type of Bulb‎LED

8. Wipro Coral Plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

Wipro Coral Plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

A rechargeable lithium battery operated emergency light with a foldable hook that provides light in 360 degrees of direction. Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh.

Key Features:–

  • Dual Charging supply: Solar+ AC supply
    Simply plug in your lantern to charge it and when there is no access to a power supply, the sun can recharge your lantern.
  • The solar charging feature ensures an alternate and environment-friendly charging option.
  • 4000 mAh powerful battery
    The LED lantern is equipped with a 4000 mAh powerful battery, which gives up to 20 hours of backup, ensuring that you have the maximum fun, day and night. Knob for easy dimming and brightness control
    Equipped with a knob to make dimming and brightening easy. Simply turn the knob to dim the light or increase the brightness.
  • 360 degree light output
    The 360 degree light output of the lantern, provides even illumination lighting up an entire space. This gives a much more natural appearance.
  • Top Holder for easy handling of the product
    Light weight and convenient, the Coral plus LED lantern comes with a top holder for easy handling of the product. This makes it very handy when the need arises.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Wipro, Wipro Enterprises Private Ltd, Bangaluru-560 035, 1-800-425-1969
Part Number‎E10012
Height‎25.5 Centimeters
Length‎15.4 Centimeters
Width‎15.4 Centimeters
Weight‎396 Grams
Number of Items‎1
Style‎Solar Emergency Light
Included Components‎1 fixture
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Type of Bulb‎LED
Country of Origin‎India

9. Rechargeable Solar and Charging LED Lantern Light Battery Bulb, Portable Camping and Home Emergency Lights with 2 Power Sources High Light Travel Battery Lantern Torch Lamp

Rechargeable Solar and Charging LED Lantern

This smart, emergency lantern from Generic is the latest gadget to grab your attention, Equipped with stainless steel fordable handles, it makes it your ultimate travel companion as you can carry it anywhere without much effort. Solar panels ensure easy recharging options while the USB port enables convenient charging facilities for your mobiles.

LED Solar Rechargeable 6 Led Camping Lantern Light 6 Led G-5800 Light Up Your Surrounding Completely With This Lantern Whenever You Are In Dark And You Will Love Yourself For Buying It Designed In A Perfect Way. Led Rechargeable And Solar Power Camping Lantern Light ,6 Led Solar Camping Tent Lamp Rechargeable Lantern Solar Rechargeable. The customers have to charge the product for 4 hours before they can use Charging light will glow once the product starts charging;

The product runs 2~3 hours after one charge Charging Method: Solar Powered, AC Adapter or 3 x AAA Battery (not included) Can be used as emergency Mobile Charger – only for Mobiles up to 250mAH There is no power On/Off button The lamp glows as soon as it is pulled out Color will be sent as per stock availability.

About This item:–

  • Lamp beads: LED Product, Material: ABS plastic Switch Position: 1st button (searchlight / flashlight)
  • Battery: Built-in lithium battery Power supply specification : Solar charger, 100v-220v direct charge Life time: 8-9 hours
  • The scope of application: Camping, Lighting, Emergency charge ((WARNING: DC charging, please do not use a mobile phone charging, in order to avoid too much electricity damage the phone. .))
  • LED Solar Emergency Lantern, High-Quality rechargeable 3 different power Sources to re-charge Can be used as USB Mobile Charger Best Quality Emergency Camping LED Solar Light USED FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOOR CONDITION
  • Easy To Use With 2 (Two) Flexible Handle For Easy To Hang And Carry

Key Features:-

  • Multiple ways of charging
    This smart solar lantern can be charged in multiple ways by solar power, electricity or 3 X AAA batteries.
    In days of gloomy weather, the lantern can come in handy as it may be charged electrically by charging the device for four hours.
  • User-friendly design ensures portability
    The solar lamp is equipped with stainless steel fordable handles which make it very convenient to carry outdoors can easy to use, Also, stainless steel offer more resilience and durability.
  • Emergency mobile charger
    This smart emergency lantern is versatile enough to act as a mobile charger in case of emergencies. The solar lantern has a USB port for charging mobiles up to 250mAh, With 220 watt power charging.

Technical Details

Brand‎Look me
Part Number‎Kb-135
Height‎14 Centimeters
Length‎9.5 Centimeters
Width‎9.5 Centimeters
Number of Items‎1
Number of Lights‎1
Included Components‎1 LED Emergency Light

10. 100 LED Waterproof Solar and Motion Sensor Wall Light for Security Pathway bungalow Driveway Outdoor and Swimming pool

100 LED Waterproof Solar and Motion Sensor Wall Light for Security Pathway bungalow Driveway Outdoor and Swimming pool

Intelligent energy saving: it charges well under both strong sunlight and weak sunlight. This is something you could by a dozen of to really light up sensitive areas around your home without having to pay someone to wire or to install and not even add to your electric bill because it is wireless and solar powered

Long-lasting durability: solid plastic construction for withstanding years of sunshine, rain, snow, ice and wind. Waterproof, heatproof and durable. Not only do they provide added security for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, or driveway, but also blend nicely with your home decor.

About this item

  • High-powered 100 LEDs provide excellent illumination of up to 160 lumens. Bright enough to turn night into day and provide security for your home or business. No worry about being outdoors in the dark at night..
  • Free: Android Data cable Free for Limited time only.
  • Easy assemble: installation is a complete breeze, taking no tools – just your hands needed.
  • No complicated wiring. You just need to put the screw in to hold and stick to any surface (bricks, stucco, siding, wood, metal, glass etc.). It is very easy to move if needed and looks great anywhere.

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎SKB Traders and Technologies
Height‎1 Centimeters
Length‎5 Centimeters
Width‎1 Centimeters
Specific Uses‎Garden, Pathway driveway, Outdoor, Security
Shade Material‎Metal, Plastic, Wood, Glass
Power and Plug Description‎Solar-powered
Switch Style‎Touch
Batteries Included‎Yes
Batteries Required‎Yes
Type of Bulb‎LED
Manufacturer‎SKB Traders and Technologies

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